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Zaštita životne sredine i održivi razvoj kao programska opredeljenja političkih partija u Srbiji

dc.creatorŠuvaković, Uroš
dc.creatorNadić, Darko P.
dc.description.abstractThere is neither adequately developed environment consciousness nor adequate representation of suitable orientations regarding this question among prominent parliamentary parties in Serbia. Relatively, when it does exist, the need for profit and economic development if regularly put in the first place, with the exception of SPS, which regularly insists on the politics of sustainable development. In this sense, Serbia is not an exemption regarding the other countries in transition. Unfortunately, regression is noticeable with some parties (DS) regarding this question - in sense that it is not mentioned any more in party documents, although it used to have a significant place in their older orientational documents. Other greater parliamentary parties are oriented to the sustainable development, some of them very comprehensively and universally (DSS, LDP in its Manifesto), some only by principle (G17+) and implicitly (SRS, SNS, PUPS), while some of them, like JS and NS do not mention at all in their programs the question of environment protection, while some treat environment only as the source of profit (SPO). Simultaneously, the parties oriented to the politics of sustainable development have no power to point out the specific problems with which our country has confronted after the NATO aggression and bombardment with at least 9 tons of depleted uranium. Out of parliament Green environmental party - the GREEN from Novi Pazar is the only party pronouncing clearly and socially responsible on this question. The other environmental party - the Green of Serbia has an outstanding globalistic attitude, pleading for sustainable development and non-violence, but with avoiding such concretization.en
dc.description.abstractU radu se vrši analiza sadržaja osnovnih programskih dokumenata najvećih parlamentarnih partija i jedine dve registrovane partije 'zelenih' u Srbiji sa stanovišta njihovog (ne)opredeljivanja za politiku održivog razvoja. Primenjen je, gde je to bilo moguće, hronološki pristup: kako su se menjali stavovi partija po ovom pitanju u 20-godišnjem periodu od reuspostavljanja višestranačja u
dc.publisherNaučno-stručno društvo za zaštitu životne sredine Srbije - Ecologica, Beograd
dc.subjectsustainable developmenten
dc.subjectpolitical partiesen
dc.subjectprogram orientationsen
dc.subjectSerbia 1990-2010en
dc.subjectKosovo and Metohijaen
dc.subjectdepleted uranium (DU)en
dc.subjectživotna sredinasr
dc.subjectodrživi razvojsr
dc.subjectpolitičke partijesr
dc.subjectprogramska opredeljenjasr
dc.subjectSrbija 1990-2010sr
dc.subjectKosovo i Metohijasr
dc.subjectosiromašeni uranijumsr
dc.titleEnvironment protection and politics of sustainable development as program orientations of political parties in Serbiaen
dc.titleZaštita životne sredine i održivi razvoj kao programska opredeljenja političkih partija u Srbijisr
dc.citation.other19(65): 81-86

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