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Standardizacija funkcija ili funkcionalna standardizacija - prilog redefinisanju pristupa socijalnoj zaštiti dece

dc.creatorŽegarac, Nevenka
dc.description.abstractReassessment of the social work centers functions imposes itself as one of the important tasks in the ongoing processes of reformation. Numerous and complex functions of centers have never got harmonious hold in practice due to various circumstances and reciprocal non-coordination. This circumstance as well as the need to change the orientation of social protection conformant to the contemporary concepts of human rights and rights of child leads towards the key question: how to ensure for the services rendered by the center and the public authorizations it possesses to be supporting and accessible to the users. The basic concepts which form the work of social services (child's best interest, the concept of reasonable efforts, the least restrictive solution, the concept of permanency) are being reconsidered through the contemporary methodological approaches and programmatically initiatives (preservation of the family, planning of permanence for the child, family conferences, programmers of intensive visits and mentor fosterages). The author intercedes in favor of the reorganization of the functions and tasks of the social work center through the precise statement of activities in the local community and interrelations with other participants in the social protection by the standardization of the procedures in the work with the users and participation in tendering social protection services.en
dc.publisherIzdavačko preduzeće "Socijalna misao", Beograd
dc.sourceSocijalna misao
dc.titleFunctions standardization or functional standardization: Toward the redefinition of the approach to the social protection of childrenen
dc.titleStandardizacija funkcija ili funkcionalna standardizacija - prilog redefinisanju pristupa socijalnoj zaštiti decesr
dc.citation.other9(4): 7-22

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